WB: MLAs Returning Back Home After Tasting The Bitter Taste of Defeats


Kolkata: 10 TMC MLAs who previously left and joined BJB for the Bengal Election are reverting back home. TMC sources revealed that at least 10 turncoats which include 3 MLAs and 1 MP, contacted the party and urged them to be allowed to return to the party but there’s no clear confirmation from the party yet.

According to the reports of PTI, a few prominent names which came into highlight these days are Sonali Guha from Satgacchia constituency, Dipendu Biswas from Basirhat Dakshin, Amal Acharya from Itahar, and the most popular Habibpur Candidate Sarala Murmu. Reports also state that not only leaders rather 7-8 winning MLAs and 3-4 sitting MPs of the BJP have expressed their desire to join Trinamool Congress.

Trinamool Congress got a landslide victory in the assembly elections 2021 with 213 seats while BJP managed to get only 74 seats.


Report by Mimansa Mohanty

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