Want To Keep your Private Data Safe on your Phone? Follow These Methods


Joydev Majumdar

Ever since the mobile phone has become smart, the risks associated with it have increased greatly. From the cases of smartphone hack to data leakage, they make headlines every day. People generally scratch their heads on a question as to how to protect smartphones from being hacked. If you too are among them, stop worrying, you will find the answer to your questions here. Here I will tell you about some special methods, by which you will be able to keep your device safe. Follow these methods to keep your private data safe on your phone. 

Use password apps
It is usually a bit difficult to create complex passwords, but you can easily create passwords through the Password app. Apart from this, the password app will keep your created password completely safe. These apps are available on the Google Play Store and App Store platforms. Some examples are Password safe, Google Smart Lock, etc. 

Use messaging apps
Although people use the existing messaging platform in the phone for SMS, but should not do so, because this puts personal data at risk. However, any other messaging app like Skype or Telegram should be used to avoid this problem. These apps protect users’ chats, photos, and videos completely. Apart from this, users get all such features in these apps, which are not available in the ordinary messaging platform.

Update smartphone from time to time
Smartphones should be updated from time to time, as this does not give hackers the opportunity to hack users’ personal information. Apart from this, users get many security features along with the Android security patch in the update.

Do not use public Wi-Fi
Hackers are most often on public Wi-Fi. Therefore, as far as possible, only use mobile data for the Internet. Or if necessary, take a hot-spot from a friend.

Do not download apps from the third party
Do not download any app from third-party links. Many times the links of app downloading also come in the message, stay away from them. If you want to download the app, do it from the App Store or Play Store.

Joydev is a Tech-Columnist and Co-founder of True Nation. All views are his personal.