‘Sushant promises to quit drugs’: Riya and Shruti Modi’s WhatsApp message Revealed


Mumbai: There have been frequent revelations in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. Some time ago, a conversation between Riya Chakraborty and a person named Miranda Sushi came up in which the ‘hash’ was talked about. However, Riya and Sushant’s ex-business manager Shruti Modi’s chat has revealed a big thing.

According to the chat of Shruti Modi, Riya wrote – “This morning he was crying and he even told Sidhu to go home. He further said that if he has DID, then ask doctors to give the right medicines for him. He was saying that all of you are taking care of him so much and giving him medicines on time, even then he is not able to recover.”

Riya wrote, “He will have to give up the hemp completely and he has stopped taking it since yesterday.” She also said that he is asleep now and she is leaving.

After this Riya wrote – Sahil has to go to Arogynidhi in the morning, right? Shruti reacted and agreed.

On 25 November 2019, Riya wrote in a message to Jaya Shah – just put 4 drops in coffee, tea, or water and let it drink… it will take 30 to 40 minutes to kick. These are the messages that have been deleted. Now after these messages appeared, a new twist is seen in Sushant’s case.

However, later Riya’s lawyer has claimed that Riya has never taken drugs in her life and is ready for a blood test.

Now the Narcotics Control Bureau is also going to be involved in the investigation of Sushant case. Director of Narcotics Control Bureau Rakesh Asthana told a leading media channel that NCB is also starting an investigation into Sushant case. According to sources, the ED has written a letter to NCB and said that some people associated with Sushant used to take drugs.


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