Stop Violence on Doctors! A Medical Student’s Appeal


Anagh Manna

Yes, I thought I needed to write. So, I wrote.

Why should I appear NEET? Why shall I work so hard? In this lockdown, why don’t I sit at home like others and give open-book online exams rather than going to campus and give offline exams?

No, I am not making any profession small. In spite of being subjected to the brutal oppression of the common man today, it is for those common men only that we are still fighting with our teeth clenched. Being subjected to brutal oppression, we, all medical professionals could have called a strike. But no! We don’t!

In fact, we are responsible professionals in this society. So, in spite of the same incident happening hundreds of times, I beg you with folded hands today, don’t kill them in this way! They are fighting hard, without caring about their own lives. Don’t kill them in this way and make their fight harder.

Stay by their side. Take care of them. Only if you keep them healthy, they will be able to be by your side.

You have to understand that our country does not have enough doctors and adequate medical infrastructure. However, our medical professionals are still standing stronger and fighting the odd circumstances!

A doctor never wishes his patients to die. But some things are also not in the hands of the doctors, you have to accept that.

So stay by their side without throwing dishes, bowls, glasses. They want to win this fight with you.

Let’s give them a healthy work environment today so that you and I can all witness this historic victory over the deadly virus very soon.


Anagh is a 2nd Year MBBS student of IQ City Medical College and hospital, Durgapur

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