Read how these Intellectuals are Spending their 21-Day Lockdown Vacations


With PM Modi’s announcement of 21-days nation-wide lockdown to curb the spread of novel coronavirus, netizens and Gen Z are completely perplexed as to how to spend this long vacation, indoor. Let us look at some personal experiences shared by the professionals from different fields, exclusively with True Nation, as how they are spending and utilizing this vacation.


Sreejishnu N P, Process Executive, Project in-charge (PI), Silicon Media Technologies Private Limited

I planned something that can nourish both the body, mind, and intelligence altogether. I start the day 5:30 AM with 1 hour of workout cross fits with bodyweight and concludes with sooryanamskaram, the best yoga postures that energize the entire skeletal neural and the muscle system of a human body. Then I spend some time reading one of the most sacred books, BHAGAVATHGITHA. After my morning breakfast, I spend some time on games and social media and some beautiful songs that will make me happy. In the evening, once again I do 1 hour of work out. After the workout, at around 6, I indulge myself in learning something new through some podcasts or some books. This is going to be my entire 21-day schedule. Apart from this, of course spending a good time eating something that’s prepared by my mother, whole, healthy, and tasty.



Siddhartha Chakraborty, Senior Consultant, Business Development

My complete family, including my 2 kids of 5-year and 2-year each, are in Kolkata. I willingly stayed back in Bangalore as I didn’t want to take any risk to go through the airport and pose any threat to my family. Days before the lockdown was announced, I am indoor, video-calling my family, praying for them, and yes missing them a lot. I am holding back my emotions and counting each day.  Besides this, I keep myself updated about the ongoing activities across the country, and True Nation has helped me a lot being updated. 


Rusha Lodh, News Writer, CIO Review Magazine

While India is facing the largest lockdown in the entire world, this period of 21-day is an opportunity to take a break from the fast-paced life and reflect upon ourselves. I am utilizing this time to renew my reading habits and spending time with my closed ones. Also, making sure that the purpose of the lockdown is not lost as we maintain social-distancing and keep ourselves sanitized from time to time. 


Aparna Mahapatra, Marketing Head in a startup named El Emigo E-com Pvt. Ltd., BBSR

The Quarantine: Being an extrovert it is a bit difficult for me to stay inside the home. However, it’s for our own safety and benefit so we must follow it. I really appreciate the Govt.’s initiatives to prevent the Corona Virus spread. I have decided to spend the Quarantine by learning some productive stuff and following my interests. I’m spending the Quarantine time by reading books, cooking, drawing, and learning guitar. One suggestion that I would like to give to everyone that utilizes the Quarantine to learn some skills and stay positive.


Rajbala Sharma,  a teacher in one of the reputed schools in steel city Rourkela.

This time is crucial. In the past, the exploration of mother Earth by us was extremely brutal. Lockdown Days are all about healing. It’s about the healing of mother Earth, the human body and mind. Yoga, books, self-interaction, learning new skills, feeding the stray animals make my day. Nature is taking it’s heal time to heal and so do I. 


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