People from Odisha’s Koraput actively takes part in Harela Plantation Festival


Koraput: On the occasion of Uttarakhand’s folk festival “Harela”, a nationwide tree plantation and Sankalp Abhiyan is being conducted by Dehradun’s Maaty Organization and Uttarakhand Science, Education, and Research Center. Uttarakhand and Odisha are almost identical in nature. The local people of both states still live their lives by keeping themselves close to nature, which is an integral part of both of these traditional lifestyles. The folk festival ‘Harela’ is about nature worship and folk faith of Uttarakhand, which symbolizes the beginning of Shravan month and rainy season in the state of Uttarakhand.

The festival of Harela not only informs about the new season but also inspires people to conserve nature. That is why Harela festival became an important part of folk life in Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. Now from the first day itself, the tradition of plantation campaigns gets started. Trees are natural products of which no alternative is available. The tree is also the means of providing life, oxygen, and water on the earth and to fulfill the basic needs of human beings. Harela festival is also an important day for the domestic animals who play an important role in the life of the local people.

Maaty Organization’s anthropologist and coordinator of this campaign, Mr. Jokhan Sharma said that under this campaign, more than 50 people from Koraput district have planted more than 150 saplings. To talk about the state of Odisha, more than 250 people have participated so far. He further said that in this campaign by Maaty Organization, the current MLA of Koraput district, Raghuram Padal also participated in the plantation program and also took a pledge to conserve the environment.

The honorable MLA appreciated the efforts being made by the Maaty Organization for the conservation of the environment and gave the best wishes for such works to be done in the future. Among those who participated in this campaign from Koraput district are Ms. Rajni Padal, Sonali Panda, Sagarika Panda, Nursingh Charan, Swastik, Saswat, Ajay Kumar Mohapatra, Aradhya Mohapatra, Gopal Krishna Mishra, Bisvininayak, Padmanav Paani, Arusha Sahu, Swasti Sagnika, Atulykumar, Sonam Sahu made the campaign a success.