Only 130 kg Gold Available in Sonbhadra Gold Mine– GSI


The dream of a 5-trillion economy seemingly came true when UP’s Geology and Mining Department issued a statement claiming the presence of around 3000 tonnes of gold reserves in the Sona Pahadi block and Hardi block of Sonbhadra district. The team made all arrangements to map and extract the gold and the UP govt. was ready to e-auction the Gold.

“After the completion of mapping, we will submit the report to the directorate for further action, like auctioning of gold blocks for mining,” Sonbhadra’s district mining officer KK Rai, who a member of the team doing the mapping job, told TOI on Friday.

Unfortunately, the district officials and the mining department could not dream more as the Geological Survey of India (GSI) said on Saturday that there has been no discovery of gold deposits estimated to be around 3,000 tonnes in Sonbhadra, as claimed by a district mining official.

“Such data was not given by anybody from GSI. GSI has not estimated such kind of vast resource of gold deposits in Sonbhadra district,” GSI Director General (DG) M Sridhar told PTI in Kolkata last evening.

This raises a big question on the UP mining department. Their claim has been completely rejected by the GSI officials.

“We share our findings regarding any resources of ore after conducting survey with the state units. We (GSI, Northern Region) had carried out work in that region in 1998-99 and 1999-2000. The report was shared with UP DGM for information and further necessary action,” he said.

Rejecting the claim, Sridhar said that in its report after exploration in the district “the GSI has estimated a probable category resource of 52,806.25 tonnes of ore with 3.03 grams per tonne gold (average grade) for a strike length of 170m in Sub- Block-H, Son Pahadi of Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh”.

“The mineralised zone having an average grade of 3.03 grams per tonne of gold is tentative in nature and the total gold which can be extracted from the total resource of 52,806.25 tonnes of ore is approximately 160 kg and not 3,350 tonnes as mentioned in the media,” the DG clarified.