Maaty Organization Extends Help to Migrant Workers; Distributed Food and Safety Items


Dehradun: As the lockdown due to  COVID-19 is affecting the poor section and migrant workers of the society, Maaty Organization came forward and distributed packets of free food items among about 200 needy people in the Kaulagarh area of ​​Dehradun. Adequate food items are being given in these packets which can fill the needful migrant people for these times so that nobody faces any kind of shortage or has to face any problem.

The idea of Maaty Organization is that during this entire lockdown, these packets of hope can fulfill the hunger of these needy people. Along with this, the organization is also distributing packets of basic essential thins like sanitizer, soap, mask, dettol, gloves, etc., to people associated with services like media, police, cleaning, etc. to fight for their safety against Coronavirus.

As everyone knows that Maaty Organization has been doing research work in projects related to environmental promotion for a long time. Realizing its social responsibility, the organization started this campaign for COVID-19 awareness. The founder of the organization, Dr. Ved Prakash, told that Maaty Organization is extending its service to the needy people through our volunteers from other states mainly from Bihar, Jharkhand, and Odisha. Dr. Ankita Rajpoot, secretary of the organization said that in this global crisis time of COVID-19 our entire society has fallen into crisis, in such a situation it is the responsibility of all the people associated with civil society to do whatever they can for the needy people around them. During this social work, the organization’s scientists and researchers including Jokhan Sharma, Dr. Ramesh Singh, Megha Bisht, Anupriya, Pratiksha, Shivendra, and Renu Sharma gave their active support.

To support the noble cause please extend your helping hands.