MAATY Organisation Conducts Awareness and Cleanliness Drive in Rajpur Road, Dehradun


Dehradun: MAATY Biodiversity Conservation & Societal Research Organization, Dehradun is a group of like-minded individuals who are committed to the protection of the environment, conservation of biodiversity, and efficient management of natural resources. To achieve this goal of effective conservation and management of nature and natural resources, the organization believes in working at ground and community level. For fulfilling this purpose, team MAATY organizes awareness campaigns and cleanliness drives at regular intervals. Even during this high time of COVID-19, the team has worked a lot for the goodwill and welfare of underprivileged children and migratory workers.

An awareness campaign on COVID-19 and cleanliness drive was organized by the MAATY team in collaboration with Z. S. I, NRC, Dehradun, and B.S.I, NRC., Dehradun, in and around Gandhi Park, Rajpur Road, Dehradun (Uttarakhand) on Wednesday. This awareness campaign and cleanliness drive were organized on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti under “Swacchtaa Pakhwaada” which started from 2nd October 2020 and was performed in the office of Z.S.I, B.S.I and MAATY organization, Dehradun.


The motive of this campaign was to create awareness among the local peoples regarding the importance of cleanliness during COVID-19, many peoples used to gather in and around Gandhi park, and instead of being enough gentle & educated they don’t follow the instructions & guidelines issued by the Government of India regarding pandemic COVID-19.

Dr. Ankita Rajpoot, the co-founder of MAATY organization addressed the mass gathering which was present in and around the park, about the motive of this campaign. She said that being the responsible citizen of the country it is the duty of each and every individual to pay attention towards maintaining personal hygiene as well as cleanliness of the city. “Since cleanliness is very helpful in keeping us healthy, it is a lifesaver in this high time of Covid-19” she said. She focused on healthy hygiene practices, cleanliness of surroundings, recycling of waste, and minimal use of plastics. She said that only we can together resolve all these issues which are creating problems for our environment and society.

Dr. Ved Prakash, the founder of this organization, have also interacted with gathering and told them about the importance of wearing a mask, sanitizing/washing hands, and how to wear a mask properly. He also interacted with policemen regarding the problems which are created by the carelessness of defaulters who are not co-operating with them, thus creating the havoc in the city. He also made a discussion regarding all these issues and their solutions, during his interaction with the gathering/visitors.

Lastly, He said that “Mahatma Gandhi dreamt of a neat and clean country so on his behalf it is our responsibility to pay attention towards his words and follow the path shown by him”

On the occasion of this awareness campaign, Dr. Gaurav Sharma, Office Incharge, Scientist ‘E’, Zoological Survey of India, NRC, Dehradun, Dr. S. K. Singh, Office Incharge, Senior Scientist, Botanical Survey of India, NRC, Dehradun, a few scientists and official staff from Z.S.I and B.S.I was also present along with the MAATY team, who have also supported and contributed to this campaign by their motivational words and helping hands.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma has also interacted with people present in the surroundings and focused on the relationship between cleanliness and health. He said that cleanliness is very necessary to remain healthy, not only personal hygiene but the clean environment and clean city also nourish our mind and well-being.

Likewise, Dr. S. K. Singh also told people to get unite and help in cleaning our environment, because we all belonged to one nation and our progress is only possible when our nation gets progressed.

All the team members of the MAATY organization including Dr. Sadhna Awasthi, Dr. Himani Badoni, Mr. Jokhan Sharma, Ms. Megha Bisht, Ms. Pratiksha, Ms. Anupriya, Ms. Shefali, Ms. Shweta, Ms. Urvashi, and Mr. Gaurav have also contributed to this awareness campaign by sticking posters at peak points near Gandhi Park, in order to create more awareness about COVID-19 Pandemic, among the local peoples.

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