Jamaatis Abusing and Fighting with Hallett Hospital’s staff


Lucknow: People associated with the Tablighi Jamaat have allegedly misbehaved and beaten up the hospital staff at Hallett Hospital in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The hospital administration has alleged that Jamatis are constantly misbehaving with the staff, fighting with the health workers, as well as not supporting the staff.

Aarti Lal Chandani, principal of Hallett College, said that to date Jamatis are constantly behaving indecently with the staff. At least 70 patients associated with Jamaat are being treated at Hallett Hospital. Many Jamatis have also been discharged from the hospital after recovering.

Aarti Lal Chandani said that those who are misbehaving in the hospital either are Jamaatis or are their relatives. There are some people who are from that hotspot zone, where they keep gathering. Their attitude with the hospital administration is very bad. Aarti Lalchandani also said that the patients associated with the Jamaat are also abusing the health workers, ward boys, and nurses. Doctors are behaving in a better way, yet misbehavior is happening. The hospital administration has informed that from now a team of police will escort the doctors whenever they visit the patients. 

Jamaatis are demanding Biryani 

The hospitalized Jamaatis are beating the staff who are coming to serve foods to them. It is alleged that people associated with the Jamaat are asking for biryani and food of their choice. The case of the misbehavior of Jamaatis from doctors and medical staff at Halat Hospital in Kanpur is not new. Earlier such cases have has been recorded.