Hathras: Six-year-old girl dies after being raped, family members staging protest on road with dead body


Hathras: Another girl of Hathras has died after being raped. The Incident took place 15 days ago in Iglas village of Aligarh district with a 6-year-old girl, a resident of Mai Jatoi in Sadabad area. The girl was undergoing treatment at a hospital in Delhi. Angry family members have blocked the road by placing the dead body in the middle.

The family said that they will not perform the last rites until the right accused is caught and Iglas Kotwal is not suspended. A large amount of police force is deployed on the spot. In this case, the police have arrested the accused, but the family alleges that the police have not caught the right accused.

The girl’s father said, “three months ago, my aunt took two of my girls to her house. Aunt’s boy raped the girl there. I demand that the police bring back my elder girl and arrest the right accused. Right now the police have arrested the wrong boy, who is mentally deranged.”

The girl’s father has accused Iglas SO of negligence. “I am not being heard any my demand is that the real culprit be arrested and the SO of Iglas should be suspended.” The father complains that the district administration is not taking care of him.

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