Debunk these Six Rumors related to Covid Vaccine; Get Vaccinated Soon


Bhubaneswar: The vaccination campaign against the Corona virus is at brisk pace in the country. So far, more than 22 crores covid vaccine have been administered. However, in some places, people are still keeping their distance from the vaccine, especially in villages. In fact, many rumors have been spread on social media about the vaccine, which has derailed the vaccination campaign in the villages.

There is a rumor spread in many places that people are dying after getting vaccinated, due to which people are very scared and are hesitant to get vaccinated. Apart from this, there are many fake claims about the vaccine, which are circulating on social media and people are blindly believing them.

The fact-checking team of PIB has debunked such rumors and advised to beware of vaccine rumors. PIB has once again appealed to the people not to fall prey to false news and take the vaccine as soon as possible.

Let us look at such rumors that are getting viral in the social media:

  1. Claims are being made on social media about the vaccine that people suffering from one or more diseases should not be vaccinated. PIB has called this claim fake and said that ‘people with one or more diseases are at high risk of infection, the vaccine is completely safe and effective, such people must be vaccinated.’
  2. In another claim that is being made regarding the corona vaccine, it is being said that there is no need to wear a mask after vaccination. On this, the PIB says that even after vaccination, it is necessary to follow Covid protocols, such as wearing a mask, washing hands, and following physical distance.
  3. According to another fake claim, if you have been infected with Covid-19, then you do not need the vaccine. On this, PIB says ‘Corona infected persons are also advised to follow the schedule of Covid-vaccine. Get vaccinated three months after recovering from Covid-19.’
  4. According to the claim, the Covid vaccine can be the cause of hormonal imbalance in women and men and can be the reason for infertility. PIB has also called this claim ‘fake’ and said that ‘Covid vaccine is completely safe and there is no scientific evidence available to cause childlessness in women or men’.
  5. According to another fake claim that is going viral on social media, women should not get vaccinated five days before and five days after menstruation. To this, the PIB says that ‘this claim has been completely refuted by experts and it has been told that there are no side effects from getting vaccinated five days after or five days before menstruation’.
  6. According to another fake claim, lactating mothers should not take the Covid vaccine. On this, PIB says that ‘Ignore such rumors and lactating mothers must take Covid vaccination as it is absolutely safe for them.’

An appeal – Share this message as much as possible and get vaccinated soon. 

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