WhatsApp Releases Dark Mode For Android, iPhone users


New Delhi: WhatsApp dark mode feature was a long awaiting dream after a long time the company has finally released this mode for all Android and iOS users. For a long time this mode was being released on beta apps through testing programs on both iOS and Android platforms. Now all iPhone and Android users can enjoy WhatsApp Dark Mode. If you do not know about the dark mode, then let me tell you that in this mode, the entire theme of the app changes to dark. The background of the chat is also thickened, so that the eyes of the users are not affected in the dark. Some similar Facebook-owned company WhatsApp has also shown in the advertisement made about this feature.

All Android 10 and iOS 13 users can now enjoy this mode. This mode has to be activated by going to the settings of the system. To use dark mode, the user has to update WhatsApp to the latest version. However if you are on the old Android version, then you have to enable this mode yourself by going to the theme within the settings of WhatsApp.

Dark mode reduces the ill effects of users’ eyes. The company has also released an advertisement for this, showing that opening the WhatsApp chat several times in the dark causes the eyes to glaze, which also has a bad effect on the eyes. Dark mode plays the most important role right here. This mode changes the theme of the entire app to a thick color, so that if you suddenly open the chat in the dark, the effect of strong white light on your eyes does not read.

Users using WhatsApp on Android 10 and iOS 13 can enable WhatsApp dark mode by turning on the system-wide dark mode present within their phone’s system settings. In order to turn on this mode in a phone working on Android 9 or older, users have to go to the settings inside WhatsApp. Here, under ‘Chats’ section, we have to tap on ‘Theme’ and select ‘Dark’. This way the user can turn on the dark mode.