Coronavirus: Nearly 7 Lakh People Unemployed in America


Washington: The American economy is being increasingly affected by the Coronavirus. The number of patients is increasing continuously here, more than 8 thousand people have died due to coronavirus in America, while more than 3 lakh people are suffering. Actually, the US economy has been badly affected by the havoc caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Statistics show that in the last month, i.e., March, American companies showed a large number of employees went out.

Figures revealed in the government report

According to figures released by the Department of Labor, 7,01,000 jobs in the US declined in March. The unemployment rate in the country rose to 4.4 percent. The department has admitted that the entire loss from COVID-19 has not been included in its statistical data.
It is important to note that people in America are becoming unemployed on a large scale and this figure will increase in April. 

Corona is growing rapidly in America

Significantly, the cases of COVID-19 are increasing all over the world. With this, the cities of America are deserted and the authorities are looking for ways to curb the damage to people and the economy. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has sought help from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and requested to provide hydroxychloroquine tablets.